Our history

The first Circle of Magic began in Washington, DC with a group of eight women (so much love for Ashley, Ashley, Caroline, Kim, Kim, Meghan, and Maya). From that initial living room, it’s now grown to include workshops, retreats, and chapters around North America (and soon, perhaps, the world!).

We make spaces where creative, soulful ladies get real with each other and leave feeling braver than they came.

Circle of Magic is an evolving experiment started by Alanna Ford, an artist and maker based in DC who’s excited to see where it goes next.


Our supporters

A big thanks to some of our favorite products for sponsoring our salons and workshops.

soulex_finalLogo copy.png

Lifetherapy is a clean beauty line of lotions, body washes, perfumes and candles that use the science of scent to evoke positive emotions. It was founded by fellow soul sister Lynette Lovelace, and we’re so thankful she sponsored our first Circle of Magic salon.


SOULEX float spa is a floatation therapy studio in Washington, DC. Floating promotes rest and relaxation for the body and mind because it lets you effortlessly float in therapeutic salts. SOULEX was founded by creative lady and mama Pedramin.



Each year, Circle of Magic reaches hundreds of people through in-person events and thousands more online through our website and newsletter. With circles in eight major cities across North America and Europe, we’re the place where creative, soulful women gather.

We love giving shine to likeminded soulful, holistic brands, whether it’s highlighting you at our events or giving a shout out on our site or newsletter.

Want to learn more? Download our Sponsorship Guide to see how we can share your brand with our audience.