Finding the magic within
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Connect to your creativity + a circle of sistren.

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Where creative, soulful ladies gather.

We’re a community of women who are committed to our own creativity and to supporting each other. We bring people together through workshops, retreats, and local chapters.

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We make spaces where creative, soulful ladies get real with each other and leave feeling braver than they came.


Part summer camp, part spiritual gathering, part multi-generational inspiration fests, our weekend retreats are all about going deeper while having fun.


From Washington, DC to Montreal, we’re launching Circle of Magic groups where ladies show up every month to support their collective creative growth.



Picture a place where women of all ages feast on delicious foods while sitting around the fire pit. They're creating their own custom perfumes with essential oils, making photographs with the sun's light, and singing to guitar music. Our retreats are for creative ladies of all stripes who want to be inspired, recharge, and create.

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From Creative Confidence to Manifesting 101, we’ve got you covered on sparkly topics to get your ideas and inspiration flowing. Our workshops make space for ladies to authentically connect with each other (seriously, folks come knowing no one, and leave with new friends).

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A Circle of Magic hub is a group of women that come together every month to support each other’s creative goals.

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This group of passionate, awesome women is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Being in the circle is like being bathed in sunshine, affirmed to your core, and deeply connected within minutes.
— Leah

Circle up

Hear about upcoming gatherings.

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You know that feeling when you wake up from a great dream, relaxed, calm, and feeling good? That’s how I felt when I left the retreat. Not only was the weekend emotionally, socially, and creatively fulfilling, it was atmospherically beautiful: lush music, warm glowing candles, aromatic palo santo, and vases bursting full of wildflowers. I’d recommend the experience 10 out of 10.
— Claire