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Connect to your creativity + a circle of sistren.

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Where creative, soulful ladies gather.

We’re a community of women who are committed to our own creativity and to supporting each other.

In cities across the world, we gather in small groups of 6-8 women every month to support each other’s creative goals. It’s kinda like a book club, but in reverse: instead of reading stuff together, we make things and put them out in the world.

Circles in 12 cities and counting





Canyon Lake, TX

Lakeland, FL



New York


Rosemount, MN

San Francisco


Washington, DC


Don’t see your city listed?

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How it works


You’re a maker and you’re looking for community

Maybe you’ve had an idea gnawing at you in the back of your mind for awhile, or maybe you just want to make more room in your life for creativity again. You could be an artist, a side hustler, or a former-kid-finger-painter.

You’re looking for a community where you can go deeper with each other, not just a collection of dispersed friendships that stays on surface level chit chat. You want a group of accountability partners who are rooting for you to put your work into the world.


You discover Circle of Magic

You think “What! This exists?!” and fill out submission form to “Join a circle”. When space becomes available in your city, we connect you with their circle.


We match you with a circle

Once there’s a circle that’s a good fit for you, you receive an introduction email from us connecting you to your city’s Head Magician. She’ll write you within a couple of weeks with information about the next circle and to find dates that work for the group. Depending on the circle, this might be the first gathering for everyone or we might match you to a group that’s already up and running.


You gather with your circle

You’ll probably gather in a living room or a cozy coffee shop, over drinks or a potluck. Your Head Magician will guide the group through conversation in the circle, so that each person has time to share with the rest of the group. You’ll leave feeling more connected with a group of strangers than you would have thought possible.



You keep coming back

Circle of Magic is not about one-off gatherings. It’s about building community and connection that deepens over time. Your circle will meet every month or so and you’ll begin getting to know more about each other, eventually growing into real friends who celebrate each other’s creative victories and are there with each other through the creative struggles too.


Starting a circle is easy

You can start small

We’ve got all the materials you’ll need

Twice a year, you can join a cohort of other women doing the same


Retreats + workshops

Imagine a creative feminist summer camp that’s part art space, part spiritual gathering. It’s a place where women of all backgrounds feast on delicious foods while sitting around the fire pit. This is what it’s like when we get members from across our circles together for beautiful mega-gatherings.

Circle up

Hear about upcoming gatherings.

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“This group of passionate, awesome women is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Being in the circle is like being bathed in sunshine, affirmed to your core, and deeply connected within minutes.”
— Leah
Through Circle of Magic I’ve learned the ups and downs of the creative process aren’t mine alone to bear. I’m convinced of the importance of community in my creative pursuits.
— Meghan