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We make spaces where creative, soulful ladies get real with each other + leave feeling braver than they came.


Our workshops

We’ve hosted workshops everywhere from General Assembly to The Wing to tiny artist communities. And we’d love to come to you! Here are some of the workshops we lead - drop us a note if we could make your next gathering a bit more sparkly.


Creative Breakthrough: transform your ideas into reality

Putting our ideas out in the world is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves and the planet. And sometimes, we just need a little nudge to know how to get started. This workshop is for makers of all stripes - from side hustlers to artists to aspiring creatives - who want to take their creativity to the next level.

You'll leave with practices for how to make space to have more ah-ha moments, as well as strategies for how to transform your ideas into reality. By the end of the workshop, you'll have identified concrete next steps and small-yet-mighty "leaps" you can take to supercharge your ideas.

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Manifesting 101

Manifesting isn’t about mystical spells. It’s about getting clear on what we want so we can recognize when the universe delivers. It’s a mindset shift that helps you sit in the driver’s seat of your life so you aren’t left reacting to whatever life serves up. In fact, today is a great day to manifest the shit out of some abundance.

You’ll leave this workshop with a hand illustrated manifestation map, a set of badass original postcards to remind you of your manifesting superpowers, and a community to support you along the journey.


Live Like Fine Wine

It’s the elephant in the room of our lives: with every breath we take, we’re aging. For women, the thought of getting older can come with a whole lotta baggage. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This workshop is about making space for millennial women to shape their perspectives on aging. Because to live is to age - it’s the core of being human.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to maximize your “aging ROI” by connecting to yourself, your community, and your spirit. You’ll leave with a map to guide you through a series of simple actions that you can take now in order to reap the benefits of a holistic life further down the road.

What others say

I found new, refreshing and - most importantly - tangible frameworks from the Circle of Magic workshop I attended. It fostered a sense of safety, comfort and ease, whereby we left the realm of “can’t and shouldn’t” behind to venture into a world of possibilities.
— Meg
I came away from the Circle of Magic workshop feeling so inspired by the collective creativity, joy, and tenacity of those around me. Whether your focus is on the personal or the professional, on a new idea or something you’ve been pursuing for a lifetime, this kind of creative nudging can work some real magic in your life.
— Adriana
Feeling drawn to a workshop? Do it. That uncertainty or fear you hear is the curious voice inside asking you to open up to your most authentic self. A Circle of Magic workshop is the catalyst to help you get there.
— Lilly