Don’t just find your tribe. Create it.

Start a circle of soulful, creative women who support you and each other on their creative quests.

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Are you craving more space for creativity in your life?

Circle of Magic hubs are small groups of 6-8 women who come together every month to support each other’s creative goals. It’s kinda like a book club, but in reverse: instead of reading stuff together, we make things and put them out in the world

From Montreal to Boston, new Circle of Magic hubs are sprouting up all over. Each hub is started by what we lovingly call a “Head Magician.”


Become a Head Magician

We’ve found that while many people would love to feel more creative and connected through a Circle of Magic, it can be intimidating to know how to start forming a hub of your own. This summer we'll be launching the second class of "Head Magicians" to help support and connect the brave humans who want to start hubs in different cities. Together, we’ll break things down and give you all of the materials you need to bring a Circle of Magic hub to your area.


What’s included

An online support group

We’ll all come together on a Zoom call to meet each other and learn about how to set up a hub in your area. On the call, we’ll cover everything from how to find the right people to invite to what to do in each gathering. And will stay in touch with each other along the way.

A care package

Each of the women who starts a hub will be mailed a lovingly curated care package of art, inspiration, and guidance compiled from some of the original Circle of Magic women. The kit won’t just get you off the ground, it will help to keep you inspired along the way.

A guidebook + packet of materials

We put together a handy (and pretty!) little guidebook as well as all of the other materials you’ll need to make sure your hub is a success.



There are 6 spots open to join the the next class of Head Magicians.

The next group will be starting in June 2019. We’d love for you to join us! And, did we mention it’s totally free?

You can be located anywhere in the world. Drop us a note to register your interest so you can join us this summer.



What is Circle of Magic?

Circle of Magic is a community of creative, soulful ladies. We create spaces like retreats, workshops and hubs where people leave feeling braver than they came.