Let’s make some magic

Circle of Magic hubs are little clubs for ladies who come together every month and support each other’s creative goals. It’s kinda like a book club, but in reverse: instead of reading stuff together, we make things and put them out in the world. We gather together to get inspired and hold each other accountable to turn our latent creative aspirations into a reality.

It can be lonely trying to create on your own. Starting a Circle of Magic hub helps any woman anywhere establish a community of creative, soulful women. This is not your run-of-the-mill chit chat over a glass of wine (though wine is often encouraged), but a format that helps you get deeper and more intentional with each other.

Gathering together every month helps us break through some of our fear by uniting us with a group of other creators. It’s magical because it’s a paradox: being together in the group somehow helps us more deeply hear our own inner guide.

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Start a circle of your own

Circle of Magic has been crazy powerful from the beginning. Like, help-each-other-get-new-jobs-and-through-cancer-to-start-writing-poetry-again kind of crazy. And now, we’re expanding the power of the Circle beyond the eight original ladies who started it in a living room together. We’re opening this little experiment up to see how it will come to life in other places.

From Washington, DC to Montreal, we’re launching Circle of Magic hubs. Imagine a world where there are little circles all over the country where ladies show up to get real with each other and support their collective creative growth. We’re unstoppable together, girls.

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Download the guidebook

We put together a handy (and pretty!) little guidebook complete with all of the materials you’ll need to get a Circle of Magic of your own up and running in your city.

Add your name here and you’ll be able to download the pack. The only reason we have you add your email is so that we can be friends and see if we can help. :)

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Join others on the journey

We’ve found that while many people would love to feel more creative and connected through a Circle of Magic, it can be intimidating to know how to start forming a hub of your own. So we’ve formed classes of "Head Magicians" to help support and connect the brave humans who want to start hubs in different cities. Together, we’ll break things down and give you all of the materials you need to bring a Circle of Magic hub to your area. The best part: you get to meet badass women all over North America who are on the same journey.

The second Head Magician class will be starting in June 2019. We’d love for you to join us.

Through Circle of Magic I’ve learned the ups and downs of the creative process aren’t mine alone to bear. I’m convinced of the importance of community in my creative pursuits.
— Meghan

Each time we gather in the Circle of Magic, we follow the same four simple steps.

Part I: The Opening

Each person reads their opening inspiration card, and shares their brags + blocks.

Part II: Free Write

Each person has time to reflect on their own to get the ideas flowing.

Part III: The Warm Seat

Each person gets 12-15 minutes in the “warm seat” to share and be held by the rest of the group.

Part IV: The Closing

Close with a blessing to the group, and decide on a time and place for your next gathering.