Meet the ladies in our community + a Thanksgiving deck of cards


“Each day I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, and dreams that turned into reality.”


Every Circle of Magic begins with what we call "opening inspo" where we each read a quote to invoke the sages. I love that way of beginning, so I put together a collection of 18 cards on the theme of gratitude for our Thanksgiving table this year. One card will go on every plate, and we'll begin the meal with each person reading their quote aloud. It's like a modern, communal, and inclusive version of a prayer.

Download the deck here if you'd like to bring it to your Thanksgiving table too! Just print it out double sided (I printed mine on cardstock, but any paper will do), and then cut each sheet into 6 cards - voila! 

Meet the Women Behind the Magic

We're trying out something new: highlighting a few of the badass women in this community by sharing the unique things they can offer along with something they could use a bit of help on at the moment. Because we gotta support each other, girls!

Have something you'd like to offer or a request to this group of soulful, creative women? Email me at to add your offer + request to the lineup for the next newsletter.

Maya Rogers

Maya is a singer/songwriter and sound healer based in DC whose musical vibe is soulful, transcendent, grounding, and nurturing.


Maya's offering intimate musical experiences for your next goddess gathering, holiday party, retreat, or special occasion! You won't regret booking her - we promise.


She's in the process of launching a new website and would love help designing a logo. Are you talented with logos or know someone who is? Reach out to Maya.

Whitney White

Whitney has an innovation consulting practice that gives her freedom to work from anywhere and be her own boss. She's killin it!


Whitney's offering a coaching program to help you achieve the big goals you've been too busy or scared to move forward on. She's building a supportive cohort of 5 women. Email her to learn more.


All good on reaching your goals? Share with someone you know who might benefit from Whitney's help.

WhitneyA.White_Fall 2018.jpg

Several different people all sent me this NYT article on intergenerational women's groups that came out this week. Who knew this is a trend, y'all?! It makes me feel like we're onto something here. 

Alanna Ford